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Rhode Island’s T. F. Green International Airport Voted 2nd Best Airport in America

Every year, Travel + Leisure (T+L) conducts its prestigious World’s Best Awards survey, inviting readers to share their thoughts on the globe’s top travel experiences, from hotels and resorts to cities and airlines. In 2024, a staggering 186,000 readers participated, casting over 700,000 votes for more than 8,700 properties and T.F. Green International was voted the second best U.S. Airport in 2024!

Airport Rankings Criteria:

Readers rated airports based on:

  • Access
  • Check-in/security
  • Restaurants/bars
  • Shopping
  • Design

Respondents rated each category as excellent, above average, average, below average, or poor. The final scores represent the averages of these responses.

Why Readers Love Regional Airports:

Regional airports have a special place in travelers’ hearts for their convenience and efficiency. The absence of long lines and the pleasant service make up for the lack of high-end amenities like luxury lounges and boutiques.

Rhode Island T. F. Green International Airport (Ranked No. 2):

T. F. Green stood out among the praise for its minimal crowds, exceptional cleanliness, and ample parking. However, one feature repeatedly highlighted was its outstanding bathrooms.

“The bathrooms are magnificent! This seems like a small thing, but when you travel a lot, large stalls with privacy doors and sinks with built-in faucet/dryer combinations are such a gift. And the live plants and fresh flowers by each sink really made me feel like someone cares about my well-being,” wrote one voter. “Likely the best experience of my 30 years as a traveling consultant.”

Other Noteworthy Airports:

Despite the charm of regional airports, some major hubs also caught readers’ attention. Tampa International Airport (No. 8) was praised for its efficient layout. “Has to be one of, if not the best designed and cleanest airports I’ve ever flown from or into,” commented another voter. “Everything just flows properly, from ticketing to the airplane gates.”

Top Domestic Airports of 2024:

  1. Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport: Minneapolis, Minnesota – Reader Score: 82.32
  2. Rhode Island T. F. Green International Airport: Warwick, Rhode Island – Reader Score: 82.31
  3. Palm Beach International Airport: West Palm Beach, Florida – Reader Score: 81.51
  4. Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport: Savannah, Georgia – Reader Score: 79.86
  5. Indianapolis International Airport: Indianapolis, Indiana – Reader Score: 79.68
  6. Kansas City International Airport: Kansas City, Missouri – Reader Score: 79.63
  7. Manchester-Boston Regional Airport: Manchester, New Hampshire – Reader Score: 79.44
  8. Tampa International Airport: Tampa, Florida – Reader Score: 79.40
  9. John Wayne Airport: Santa Ana, California – Reader Score: 77.24
  10. Portland International Airport: Portland, Oregon – Reader Score: 77.18

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