“Second Time Around” Exhibition Showcases Artistic Innovation at Jamestown Arts Center

Jamestown Arts Center prepares to unveil an innovative exhibition titled “Second Time Around,” featuring the imaginative works of 27 artists. Set to open its doors on March 22, the exhibition promises to redefine perceptions of history, sustainability, and artistic practice through a diverse array of artworks.

The inception of “Second Time Around” traces back to a course offered at the University of Rhode Island in the fall of 2023. Curated by Professor Erin L. McCutcheon, PhD, alongside her Advanced Art History students, the exhibition serves as a culmination of their academic journey, offering a unique blend of scholarly inquiry and creative expression.

Professor McCutcheon sheds light on the exhibition’s genesis, stating, “The course aims to introduce students to the critical histories of museums and galleries while guiding them through the process of launching an exhibition for the public.” This educational endeavor has yielded remarkable opportunities, with student Taylor Moss securing an internship at the Jamestown Arts Center, where she is currently involved in the final preparations for “Second Time Around.”

Reflecting on her involvement, Moss expresses her gratitude for the invaluable experiences gained through the collaborative curation process. “Being able to see this project to fruition, a project started in September 2023, is nothing short of exciting,” she remarks.

The thematic underpinning of “Second Time Around” revolves around the notion of reimagining the past to envision a sustainable future amidst the challenges of climate change. Each artwork intricately weaves together narratives of resilience, revitalization, and repair, offering profound insights into the transformative power of art.

Noteworthy examples within the exhibition include Amy Usdin’s woven sculptures crafted from recycled fishing nets, symbolizing the enduring vitality of discarded materials. Similarly, Kay Johnson de Mesquita repurposes her father’s neckties into a quilt, infusing personal memories into a new artistic creation.

Dr. Ella S. Mills of the University of Plymouth, UK, and talking on corners, served as the juror for selecting the works, ensuring a diverse and thought-provoking showcase of artistic innovation.

“Second Time Around” invites viewers to engage with the fluid narratives embedded within each artwork, prompting contemplation on the interconnectedness of past, present, and future. The exhibition will be open to the public from March 22 through June 15, 2024, with an opening reception on March 22 and a special JAC Talk featuring Dr. Mills on April 11.

Admission to the Jamestown Arts Center and its exhibitions is free, with select works available for purchase to support both the individual artists and the JAC’s ongoing initiatives.




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