Study: Rhode Island has the worst roads in America

Rhode Island has the worst roads in America, according to recent data released by the Bureau of Transportation.

As of 2020, Rhode Island had the worst roads of any state, with 48.1% of its road miles classified as “poor” by the Bureau of Transportation Statistics. Even more concerning is the apparent deterioration our state’s road conditions, marked by a 33.3 percent increase in the proportion of ‘poor’ road miles from 2000 to 2020

Following closely, New Jersey and Hawaii recorded the next-highest percentages of “poor” road miles, both exceeding 40%. New Mexico and California trailed behind with percentages of 34% and 33%, respectively.


The states with the lowest percentage of roads ranked as poor, were: Tennessee: 5.4% Wyoming: 5.7% North Dakota: 5.8% Oklahoma: 6.3% Nebraska: 7.1% Overall, the study found, 80.1% of roads in the United States were considered acceptable.




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