Clean Ocean Access Announces Dissolution After a Decade of Environmental Advocacy

In surprising news, Clean Ocean Access announced Friday evening that it would be dissolving after a decade of service to the Greater Newport community and the entire state of Rhode Island, where it stood as a prominent advocate for environmental causes.

The announcement came through an email sent to supporters, by Tricia Bielinski, the sole remaining board member of the nonprofit organization.

“I unfortunately have some sad news to relay. We have experienced quite a bit of turnover both on our Board and with our staff here at COA particularly in the last six months.  January 2024 brought the additional resignations of our Executive Director as well as our Marketing Director,” Bielinski wrote. “With an almost non existent Board (just myself the last six months) and key members of staff that have made the decision to move on, we simply do not have the people infrastructure needed to keep COA going. As the sole remaining Board member staring down a rebuild that would simply be unrealistic for me given my schedule and position, I have made the decision to dissolve the COA organization.”

As the dissolution unfolds, it marks the end of an era for an organization that has tirelessly worked towards promoting a cleaner and healthier environment. The decision to disband raises questions about the future of environmental initiatives in the region and leaves supporters reflecting on the legacy left behind by Clean Ocean Access.

– This story will be updated.


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