Revolve Dance Project Presents Original Dance/Music Collaborations at RISD Auditorium

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The Revolve Dance Project (RDP) is poised to dazzle audiences once again as it announces its highly anticipated Season 3 performances. Scheduled for Sunday, July 21st, at 2pm and 7pm, the captivating showcase will unfold at the esteemed RISD Auditorium nestled in downtown Providence.

Comprising a stellar ensemble of professional choreographers, composers, dancers, and musicians, RDP embarks on an exploration of the profound relationship between live music and dance through innovative interdisciplinary collaborations. This year’s lineup promises to astound with five World Premieres, each seamlessly intertwining live music and dynamic choreography. 

The diverse program of Season 3 spotlights the voices and talents of emerging and sought-after artists from across the globe. At its core, RDP is driven by a mission to revive and celebrate the tradition of music and dance as living collaborations, enriching audiences with the transformative power of these art forms. Kirsten Evans, founder and director of RDP, reflects on the intrinsic connection between dance and music, emphasizing the rarity of collaborative opportunities for choreographers and composers. “Revolve exists to facilitate those relationships and give artists a platform to explore their development,” says Evans, herself a seasoned professional dancer with over 13 years of experience.

Since its inception, RDP has been at the forefront of fostering original collaborations, with each season showcasing the talents of over 25 artists. Notably, Season 3 marks a historic moment for the company as it assembles an all-female roster of choreographers. Among them are luminaries such as former New York City Ballet Principal Dancer Lauren Lovette, Ballet West Principal Dancer Emily Adams, and other distinguished figures, each bringing their unique artistic vision to the forefront.

The performances will be accompanied by original compositions crafted by a talented cadre of musicians, including Juilliard Master of Music graduates Katie Jenkins, Cameron MacIntosh, and Daniel Hass, alongside acclaimed artists like Josh Knowles, Nic Coolige, and Andrew Wilcox. The dance ensemble comprises seasoned professionals, including Katie Bickford, Kobe Courtney, and Kirsten Evans herself, among others, ensuring a mesmerizing fusion of music and movement.

As the curtain rises on Season 3 of the Revolve Dance Project, anticipation is palpable for an unforgettable spectacle that celebrates the timeless interplay between music and dance, promising an enriching experience for audiences of all ages.




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